Monday, 19 May 2008

The Red Kitchen

I felt like doing something with styling involved so I called Jens. Somehow we had the same ideas (like always!), thus I called the rest of the usual crew. We wanted something very modern and clean (matching our last shoot but with the little je ne sais quoi). Of course we needed a location that fitted the "concept"... My friend Micha, arranged this fantastic house with an amazing red kitchen and removable white walls! (thanks again!) Absolutely crazy. (there are actually people really using it as a kitchen!). We also shooted in the rest of the house... but the kitchen is my favourite...

Photographie by Jens Mollenvanger, assistant Ilja Smets.
Make up by Sanah Hassan (MAC).
Model Sabrina Fischer.
Styling by me, myself and I...
Designer pieces by Mariel Manuel, Judith Thomas, Matthieu Thouvenot, Elizaveta Fateeva and Nora Berger.

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i did such a great job